As leader in the hotel management arena, IPD Hospitality has developed a results-driven operations strategy. Working directly on the owner’s behalf, IPD realizes how important it is to run efficient operating margins. That is why every annual business plan includes:

  • Payroll Standards –

Control the amount of hours each position in the hotel utilizes depending upon the number of rooms occupied for that day.

  • Corporate Controlled Purchasing –

A three bid process is utilized for all normal operating supplies giving all properties the best price available.

  • Preventive Maintenance Schedules –

Keeping ahead of possible problems that can develop if left unchecked is key. We schedule preventative maintenance once every sixteen weeks for each guest room. This schedule will see that each guest room is maintained three times a year.

  • Training Programs for all Departments –

Includes, but not limited to, yield management, fire and safety, guest service, proper housekeeping procedures, key control, telephone skills, security, reservations, preventive maintenance and handling of guest complaints.

  • Comprehensive Capital Plan for Renovations –

Strategic planning in order to keep up with the most current brand standards.

The entire plan is delivered to ownership for its review and approval. Our goal is to maximize value and your return on investment. Cost controls, labor controls, training, proper systems and reporting are the keys to a successful IPD managed property.